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AWA Employers

Requirements to Become an AWA Host Employer

In an effort to spread American culture and values, AWA Host Employers provide participants with the opportunity of employment. Employer relationships are fundamental to our cross cultural program!


Host Employer Packet

Employers are required to complete the AWA Host Employer Packet.


Business License

Business License must be up to date and submitted.


Workman's Comp

Workman's Compensation up to date and submitted. 



Employers must submit AWA Housing form and photos.

Vacation Villa

AWA Participants have had the opportunity to work in the following positions (but not limited to):

Ski/Snowboard Instructor, Customer Service, Retail, Lifeguarding, Room Attendants, Housekeeping, Resort Worker, Fast Food, Wait Staff.

200+ Locations

100+ Jobs

Prohibited Job List

The following positions are prohibited by the U.S. Department of State for the J-1 Summer Work and Travel (SWT) Program:


  • In positions that could bring notoriety or disrepute to the Exchange Visitor Program;

  • In sales positions that require Students to purchase inventory that they must sell in order to support themselves;

  • In domestic help positions in private homes (e.g., child care, elder care, gardener, chauffeur);

  • As pedicab or rolling chair drivers or operators;

  • As operators or drivers of vehicles or vessels for which drivers' licenses are required regardless of whether they carry passengers or not;

  • In positions related to clinical care that involves patient contact;

  • In any position in the adult entertainment industry (including, but not limited to jobs with escort services, adult book/video stores, and strip clubs);

  • In positions requiring work hours that fall predominantly between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.;

  • In positions declared hazardous to youth by the Secretary of Labor at Subpart E of 29 CFR part 570;

  • In positions that require sustained physical contact with other people and/or adherence to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions guidelines (e.g., body piercing, tattooing, massage, manicure);

  • In positions that are substantially commission-based and thus do not guarantee that Students will be paid minimum wage in accordance with federal and state standards;

  • In positions involved in gaming and gambling that include direct participation in wagering and/or betting;

  • In positions in chemical pest control, warehousing, catalogue/online order distribution centers;

  • In positions with travelling fairs or itinerant concessionaires;

  • In positions for which there is another specific J category (e.g., camp counselor, intern, trainee);

  • After November 1, 2012, in positions in the North American Industry Classification System's (NAICS) Goods-Producing Industries occupational categories industry sectors 11, 21, 23, 31-33 numbers (set forth at

Become a Host Employer

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States our Employers are Located

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • Washington DC
  • Texas
  • Montana
  • Alabama
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Wyoming

  • Ohio

  • Michigan

  • South Carolina

  • Florida

  • New Jersey

  • Virginia

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